Conceptualizing a Business

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Conceptualizing a Business: Starbucks
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June 17, 2013
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BUS/475 – Integrated Business Topics
Robert Stokes

Conceptualizing a Business: Starbucks
When one chooses to explore becoming a business owner not only may he or she have a passion in relation to their trade, but also an undisputable set of values to build the business upon. There are many aspects of conceptualizing a business, and Starbucks is a successful company whose ideals have asserted them as an internationally recognized brand. To be successful in a business the values must flow and support the company’s strategies. Starbucks is a company that manages to align strategy and business values in a manner that hails sustainable results. Origins and Evolution of Values

Each individual has the opportunity to have his or her own personal values develop and evolve over time. From the time one is a child until the day we die; family members, teachers, coaches, friends, media, the workplace, and society as a whole instill values in us. This does not mean that each person is walking around with a list of thousands of values continuously rotating through his or her mind. Instead, it means as individuals choose which values are most meaningful to his or herself, and live by those values. Values may change as needed, getting rid of and evolving one’s values as they get older and begin approaching new situations and phases in their lives. The personal values that some abide by are to: live positively, ambitiously, respectfully, and to have discipline. These personal values have been a large part of our individual upbringings and experience in society. Some workplace values for individuals may be to treat others with respect, provide exceptional customer service, and operate under a high standard of integrity. With each job experience a person has these values will adapt and mature. An organization is dependent on the performance and values of its workforce. Therefore, it only makes sense that a business’ values should also mature as it grows. Aligning Individual Values

The values, actions, and behaviors of the Starbucks employee play an important role in the success of the franchise. The individual values of an employee will affect the decisions he or she makes in the workplace. Starbuck's mission statement is, "to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time (Starbucks: Mission Statement, 2013). A number of criteria outlined with a variety of upstanding values support the mission statement. At Starbucks, one of the most important values is that of customer satisfaction. If an employee does not hold that value at a personal level, the experiences a customer may have could be far from satisfactory. The values of the employee must be aligned with these goals for the customer’s experience to be sincere. The credibility and belief of the customers is fundamental to sustain repeat visits from clients. Therefore, the goal will be to find employees with the types of values the company desires to portray in its image and to uphold the values through strategic business choices. Starbucks’ Business Values, Plans, and Actions

Starbucks has corporate policies showing the relationship between its core values and its employees (partners), suppliers, and customers. In regard to hiring, Starbucks follows an equal opportunity policy that allows management to hire employees based on the current labor laws stated in State, Federal, and international regulations; they also communicate this policy through its Global Human Rights Standard and Business Ethnics and Compliance policies. Through these policies employees will respect and show honesty, integrity, and dignity to each other and to customers. Employees learn two slogans: “We treat our customers as we treat one another, with respect and dignity” and “we respect diversity in each other, our customers, suppliers,...

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