Business and Starbucks

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1. Why do you think Starbucks has been so concerned with social responsibility in its overall corporate strategy?

Starbucks is not only concerned with the success of the company but with the satisfaction of their employees and customers. They realize and show they know without the customers they would not have the business. They ensure farmers are able to make profits by paying more for the coffee; they put the customer first and put them before their profits. When they have employees that are not satisfied, they will not give the company 100% of their ability. They value their employees so they reward them to keep their morale up and keep them happy so they keep the customers happy.

2. What are the most admirable and significant investments that Starbucks is making in its people, products, stores and suppliers? Starbucks offers benefits to employees if they work at least 20 hours per week. This helps single mothers if they cannot afford insurance. They make charitable donations to help farmers and the surrounding communities in effort to help make a name for them. They try to make it more customer-friendly by combining items on their menus so customers can take advantage of being able to get their breakfast and coffee at one convenient place.

3. What do you believe are the most significant ethical criticisms of Starbucks’ leadership and business strategy? Starbucks are everywhere. I have personal issues with big box companies driving out the mom and pop shops. They make it a hard competition for entrepreneurs to try to make it in this economy. I feel they should support the smaller businesses more but realize they will worry about themselves first.

4. Is quality of life in Albuquerque better or worse because of Starbucks? I feel coffee is a very sought after luxury that almost everyone enjoys. I have walked by some Starbucks and have seen people on their laptops studying, visiting with people, and have seen some business people having...
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